Medical Minds consults with medical specialists and allied health care professionals to capture unique business opportunities. We offer four core services to improve your specialist practice.

Developing referrer liaison and establishing referral pathways

Quality referrals
A better informed and directed referral means you won’t miss a chance to capture the patients that need your expertise.

We assist you and your staff to build productive relationships with your referrer. Once the referrer understands your expertise and how you can help their patient, the process of referral becomes efficient and economical.

The Quality Referral service involves …

  • GP and referrer education of Specialist skills and services.
  • Ensuring the right referral for the right Specialist.
  • Specialists capturing the patients that best suit their medical strengths and treatment options.
  • Developing a focused marketing strategy for new specialists and developing practices.

Practice and Specialist Marketing

practice marketing

Medical Minds analyses your health care business to see where improvements can be made to your marketing strategy. We design a marketing strategy specifically for your market and business.

The Practice and Specialist Marketing may involve …

  • Designing a marketing strategy specifically for your business.
  • Developing clinical e-newsletters and updates.
  • Raising awareness of your presence in your specialist market.
  • Web design services aimed to address your specific needs.
  • Fast-track referral growth.
  • Marketing new specialists and/or indications and procedures to benefit patient treatment.
  • Showcasing your services to those who need to know.
  • Utilizing education to drive referral business and brand marketing.
  • Brand management and development.

Business and Management Guidance

Business and management guidance

We provide recommendations to enhance your practice’s performance and streamline operations to become more profitable and efficient.

The Business and Management Guidance service will …

  • Assess practice strengths and opportunities.
  • Provide recommendations to enhance your business.
  • Explore practice growth opportunities and the addition of other specialists and testing services.
  • Establish operating procedures and policies.
  • Analyze practice and patient growth opportunities in regional centers.
  • Capitalize on your unique medical interests and skills in your area of expertise or sub-specialty.

Your health care business success will depend on the prompt, effective promotion and education of referrers and patients.

Education Accreditation Services – QI & CPD Applications

Is your organization hosting or sponsoring an educational event aimed at General practitioners ?

If so, you may wish to offer delegates QI & CPD (Quality Improvement & Continuing Professional Development) point endorsement from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). Medical Minds is an independent Accredited Education Representative (EAR) with the RACGP. This enables us to provide quality QI & CPD point applications for General practitioner events on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your event accreditation requirements.